Eggs Laid on Bananas

Eggs laid on a plantain tree are secured by a bird. See the colours of the image. Really Amazing!

Eggs Laid on Bananas

After lots of efforts, finally I could agree with my puppy for a stable photo shoot. Doesn't he look like astonished?

My Puppy is ready for the Photoshoot

Three Ostriches walking here and there in the morning. Look at the face of the leading ostrich. It looks "like a boss".

Ostriches walking around "Like a Boss"

Three Zebras eating grass together. See how nice black and white stripes are placed on their body.

Three Zebras eating grass

Look how proud this crown headed fowl is walking. Seems like he is posing himself nice to the photograph.

Crown Headed Fowl walking with Pride


What is this little squirrel searching inside the king coconut? Has he found a treasure?

Squirrel Searching for Some Food


"When will I be free from this cage and being exploited and abused by humans?"

Innocent Looking White Monkey

Herd of Deer Having Their Lunch


A herd of deer having their delicious meals with a sambur. Look how active they are especially when eating.

Herd of Deer having their lunch with a Sambur


South African Meerkats, most sociable of all the mongooses have come out from their underground networks in searching for some food.

South African Meerkats getting ready for the Photo Shoot


The lazy Bengali Tigers resting under a tree after having their lunch.

Tigers resting after having their lunch

Ceylon Jungle Fowl


A colourful indigenous Ceylon Jungle Fowl who is the National Bird of Sri Lanka, looking for some food for its breakfast.

Ceylon Jungle Fowl walking around with pride


Owl couple during the daytime. One making a soft and gentle kiss on the other.

Lovely owl kissing its partner